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Earlier this week, we told you about a shocking new report that Kate Gosselin ordered her nanny to spy on Jon Gosselin.

Now, a source tells Radar Online that Kate is in no way ashamed of her shady maneuvers. Well, at least that one specifically.

In fact, she admits she ordered the childcare worker to spy on her husband out of necessity, and says she’d do it again in a heartbeat!

Kate reportedly claims that she’s been forced to keep tabs on her Jon and ban him from her home, because he supplements his income by selling private information to tabloids.

“The only reason Kate was so strict with the nannies pertaining to Jon is because he tells the tabloids what is going on within the family,” says an insider close to Kate.

“She also does not allow Jon in her house at all, because he takes papers and whatever he can get his hands on to use against her.”

Unfortunately for Kate, it looks as though all of her efforts to keep the inner-workings of her family private have been for naught.

A new tell-all book about Kate contains shocking revelations about the mother of eight using her kids to gain fame and engaging in some shockingly abusive disciplinary tactics.

Kate claims the book is full of lies, but has declined to sue author Robert Hoffman, citing the cost involved, and that the book is already out there and is old news.

As is she … but you don’t see her going away.