Joan Rivers on The Real Housewives of New York City: A Bunch of Whores!

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Joan Rivers is taking an interesting approach to promoting her new book, Diary of a Mad Diva.

Instead of making the talk show rounds and playing nice with guests and audiences, as celebs usually do when they're hocking memoirs, Joan has embarked on a one-woman mission to offend every man, woman, and child in Hollywood. And it seems to be working:

Appearing on Watch What Happens Live! last night, Joan was asked by host Andy Cohen for her opinion about the Real Housewives of New York and their style choices. He had to know what was coming:

"I know they're your pets," replied Rivers. "[But] they look like whores."

Rivers warned the crowd at the start of the show that she'd had a bad day and wouldn't be playing nice, and her interview was all the more entertaining for it, as she riffed on celebs ranging from Tommy Lee Jones to Helen Keller:

Amazingly, Rivers didn't attack Kim Kardashian again, but she did get in some shots at Bruce Jenner, saying the former Olympian has "six children, a gold medal and, now, a vagina."

Somehow, Rivers raised the bar even further after that, when she was asked about Lil Kim's plastic surgery and replied, "You almost wish Chris Brown would punch her in the face."

Meh. Still less controversial than Joan's comments about Israel.

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