Farrah Abraham: Hank Baskett Needs My Sex Toys! Fox News Hacked My Restaurant Site!

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Delusional Teen Mom alum Farrah Abraham continues to impress us with the sheer number of patently insane things she will say in a public forum.

It gets particularly crazy when she focuses on current events, whether they pertain to her or not. Case in point: Hank Baskett and Kendra Wilkinson‘s marriage!

Farrah Abraham With Her Book

Asked why people should try her sex toy line, Farrah said, “Sex toys are a healthy thing. I think too many people don’t get sex toys. They go off the deep end with partners."

"I think of Hank Baskett right now. I heard Kendra and him are having some troubles. I think this might help. I think cheating is bad, sex toys are good.”

While we appreciate the sentiment, Farrah might want to consider that Hank's alleged paramour, Ava London, is a transsexual with a penis.

Her sex toy line includes a mold of Abraham's vagina. He may not be interested if he's turning to Ava for mutual hand relief, but that's just us speculating.

Farrah is quick to remind us, in any case, of the difference between sex tapes and porn and the fact that the "sex stuff" is totally in the past for her.

When she's not talking about it non-stop, that is. To say Farrah contradicts herself with mixed messages would be the understatement of all time.

Sex stuff aside, Abraham is turning her attention to her restaurant, Froco Fresh Frozen, whose website was hacked with Farrah porn pics last week.

She blamed Fox News (seriously, and matter-of-factly) for this.

Asked why she called the network out for hacking her on Twitter, she said, “I don’t know but I’m like, how is it odd that Fox News knew about it before I even did?

"I was doing a radio tour and someone was like, ‘So Fox News just said your website’s hacked.’ I’m like, ‘What?’ And so that’s just very odd."

"I say whoever tipped it off first, they’re responsible.”

So let's get this straight for a second ... whomever is the first to break a story is thus responsible for the story and likely perpetrated the act involved?

With logic like that, it's hard to argue with her.

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