Chris Soules: THIRTEEN Arrests and History of Alcoholism Revealed!

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Chris Soules has won his fair share of admirers amongst female Bachelorette fans, but a stunning collection of court documents may soon cost Chris some followers.

Yes, he's so popular with audiences that it's been rumored Soules will be the next Bachelor, but Radar Online has obtained evidence that indicates Soules has a long history of arrests, many of them alcohol-related.

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Radar reports that Soules' legal troubles date back to 2001, when he was fined for underage possession of alcoholism.

Pretty minor stuff, but that was only the first of Chris' many brushes with the law:

Soules went on to enter an astonishing thirteen guilty pleas throughout adolescence and young adulthood, most of them booze-related.

Soules landed in legal trouble for speeding, alcohol possession, or driving with an open container four times in 2001.

Having clearly not learned his lesson, Soules was charged with disorderly conduct in early 2002.

The most serious incident, however, took place in 2006, when Chris was 26.

He was pulled over for driving erratically and submitted to a breathalyzer. His BAC registered at less than .1, but more than the legal limit of .08.

Could Soules' history of boozy bad boy behavior cost him a shot at starring in the next season of The Bachelor?

Only time will tell, but in the meantime, you can watch The Bachelorette online at TV Fanatic.

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