Chris Kohrs, Hot San Francisco Cop, Becomes Latest Viral Facebook Darling

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Move over Jeremy Meeks, and welcome Chris Kohrs, a new man that’s stealing hearts of women everywhere after becoming an unlikely social media darling.

This time, he's on the right side of the law! Win-win!

Kohrs, a San Francisco police officer, has gone viral on Facebook after a page in his honor, "Hot Cop of the Castro" (a gay enclave in S.F.) went viral.

More than 40,000 “like” the page filled pictures of him helping citizens, kissing babies and/or flaunting his muscles ... and it's easy to see why, right?

Fans from the City by the Bay and around the world are quick to point out that, unlike Hot Mug Shot Guy Meeks, Officer Kohrs is actually a good guy.

So far, Kohrs has taken well to his quasi-celebrity, though he says he’s surprised by all of it, as he's just a guy doing his job for the city he loves.

“I’m not used to a lot of people coming up to me and taking pictures and things like that. I’m happy to do it,” he told the San Francisco-centric blog SFist.

“But - just the amount of people - it’s flattering," Kohrs says, even if "[all the attention] was something I had to get used to working in that neighborhood."

Acknowledging his local "fan base," which includes many gay men, Kohrs, who is straight (and single!) says there are some great LGBT beat cops as well.

Says Kohrs, "I definitely don't need any more attention ... as much as I like it, please give it to them [laughs]! I think it'd be much more well deserved."

Hard-working and humble, there's nothing quite like a man in uniform, as the saying goes ... and we don't mean an orange jumpsuit. Sorry Jer.

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