Charlie Sheen: Drunk Taco Bell Run Caught on Tape! Watch the Hilarious Video Now!

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In case you somehow weren't aware, Charlie Sheen likes to party. 

And as we learned today, the Sheenius also likes to cap off a night of heavy boozing in the best possible fashion - by hitting his local Taco Bell for some faux-meat crammed into a Dorito shell!

Before he could order his gourmet eats, however, The MaSheen got out of his car for unknown reasons for an impromptu meet-and-greet with some fans.

"Sorry I'm so f--king hammered," Sheen tells with fellow drive-thru patrons before showing off some of his tattoos. It's the sort of once-in-a-lifetime moment that makes you grateful we live in a world in which everyone has a video camera in their pockets.

To his credit, after Rihanna denied Sheen's request to meet up back in May, the Warlock from Mars claimed he would never be so rude as to shoot down a fan. Now we have video evidence that (at least when he's hammered) Captain Tiger Blood always has time to stop and chat.

Now, if you were waiting in line behind these two cars, waiting patiently for your Grilled Stuft Burrito, you might not find Charlie's tattoo show-and-tell quite so amusing, but you'd be wise not to honk.

If Sheen's constant Twitter tirades are any indication, he doesn't have a temper - he is a temper.

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