Belgian-Owned Budweiser's World Cup Commercial Will America You in the Face!

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Budweiser may be the quintessentially American beer, but the Anheuser-Busch InBev corporation that owns Bud is actually headquartered in Leuven, Belgium.

As Belgium faces off against the US in today's Round of 16 World Cup action, you may think that the Anheuser-Busch folks would be facing a serious conflict of interest.

When presented with this quandary, however, the folks in Budweiser's advertising department solved it with one word: 'Merica!

Yes, the Bud commercial that's set to air during today's game match is basically a rocket-powered cowboy boot capable of turning into a Mustang that runs on bald eagle droppings.

The InBev folks know where their bread is buttered and it ain't in the land of waffles!

We may not be able to find Ghana on a map, and most of us couldn't tell you the difference between a sweeper and a striker, but as anyone who's ever seen Americans go bonkers over a last-second goal knows - when the stakes are high, we take our sports as seriously as our beer!

So crack a cold one and cheer on US Men's National Team to victory.

Oh, and a word of warning, InBev - don't let us find out your European commercial features Jean-Claude Van Damme doing...Belgian stuff. 

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