Baby Rocks Out to Nine Inch Nails in Adorably Hilarious Video!

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One of the greatest things the Internet offers on a regular basis is babies being incredibly cute in the most unexpected circumstances.

Earlier today, the web rejoiced at the sight of a lemur and a sleeping infant hanging out in a baby carrier.

Not to be outdone in terms of adorable hilarity, the daughter of YouTube user Gary Kennedy is soothed by the dulcet tones of Nine Inch Nails and unleashes her inner 90s goth in the clip below:

As amazing as it is to see the little lady get her groove on to Trent Reznor's "Copy Of A," the best part has got to be her astonished coo when the song first starts.

It's safe to say NIN officially has its youngest fan. We just hope she doesn't develop a taste black hair dye and heavy eyeliner.

Despite the bleak nature of the music, this clip rivals Baby Watches Dog Eat Bubbles as our favorite joy-inducing kid moment caught on camera. 

If parents keep uploading epic videos like this one, babies might soon overtake pets as the Internet's number one source of viral cuteness.

Of course, the combination of pets and kids will always be our favorite:

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