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Perhaps girls do not rule the world after all.

At least not according to French dancer/choreographer/teacher Yanis Marshall.

Prior to the final live show of Britain’s Got Talent, Marshall and two friends (Arnaud Boursain and Mehdi Mamine) strapped on their stiletto boots and performed what many would consider to be the fiercest dance to a compilation of Bey’s biggest hits in Internet history.

No offense, Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens.

Yanis Marshall, Friends Dance to Beyonce

"#GoneVIRAL #Again #Sorry #NotSorry Over 300 000 Views on YT in just 3 days @Beyonce #Share #ThankYou #300Kin3Days," Marshall Tweeted with the video.


Marshall wants to set the record straight, however.

"LITTLE REMINDER: ‘I was VIRAL way before @GotTalent & I’m still VIRAL now. I’m just starting.’ Do your homework! #BitchPlease Love’ Yanis."

Damn. We’d have to imagine he said that while snapping, don’t you think?

Compare Marshall’s moves above with a couplel young women making like Beyonce below:

Girl Dances to Beyonce

Can you top these moments, Queen B?