True Blood Season 7 Episode 2 Recap: The Government Bails Out

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One thing was made very clear on True Blood Season 7 Episode 2:

There will be no government bailout for Bon Temps, Louisiana.

No, the car industry in that town isn't dying... but its citizens have been, due to the influx of infected vampires on the loose. And Sookie and company discovered this week that FEMA was nowhere to be found when the neighboring city was overrun by these creatures.

Best of luck, Bon Tempers.

Visit to the Neighbors

And best of luck, Alcide. You may wanna just pack it in now, relationship-wise.

In a rather heavy-handed scene, Sookie read the diary of a recently-deceased young woman and it reminded her very much of when she first met and fell for Bill.

Alcide, along with all astute viewers, noticed the look on Sookie's face as these memories came flooding back. Anyone wanna place odds at this point of her ending the season in Bill's bed? 3-1?


  • Arlene and Holly nearly  found a way out of that scary basement. See, kids. This is why you need to stay in school: so your teacher can eventually free your parents from certain death. Until she dies from Hep V, that is.
  • Tara's mom saw a weird vision of her dead child. And every True Blood fan across the country rolled their eyes in irritated response.
  • Vince and his vigilantes continued to cause problems, forcing other humans (such as Andy) to choose sides. This is not gonna end well.
  • ERIC IS ALIVE! And... and infected? It certainly seems that way. This is by far the most interesting developments thus far of True Blood Season 7.

What did everyone else think? Are Bill and Sookie destined to end up together? Will Eric survive the season? And will Tara ever go away?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

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