Tracy Morgan Truck Driver Defends Self on Twitter, Blames Legal Woes on Actor's Fame

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Kevin Roper has quickly become famous for all the wrong reasons.

The Walmart employee was behind the wheel of his truck early Saturday morning when he allegedly fell asleep and instigated a six-car accident that placed Tracy Morgan in critical condition.

It also killed 63-year old Jimmy McNair, resulting in a vehicular homicide charge for Roper.

Tracy Morgan, Wife

The driver is now free on $50,000 bail and just took to Twitter to express how "horrible" he feels about the tragedy.

But Roper also denies reports that he had been awake for 24 hours prior to the crash, adding that he doesn't deserve to be facing any charges whatsoever.

Roper believes he's being used as a scapegoat "because a famous person was involved" in the fatal event.

"I was never charged at the scene of the accident because once again i was not guilty of any crime. Not until all the TV cameras came," Roper Tweeted.

Roper appears to be saying he was NOT negligent and therefore not responsible for any injuries at the scene.

"So yes i am now most likely f****d because i had an unfortunate ACCIDENT with the wrong car that night," he concluded in his mini rant.

Morgan, meanwhile, broke several bones in the crash... but he did not have his leg amputated.

The actor's rep says Morgan's fiancee is with him at nearly all times in the hospital and that Tracy's recovery will be "arduous," but he is expected to make a full one.

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