The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 9 Episode 9 Recap: Kiss and Make Up

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Last night on The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 9 Episode 9, Heather and Tamra tried to bring an end to their fight that lasted over the holidays.

Shannon Beador got some shocking news that has her a little rattled, while Vicki, Briana, and Ryan have cause to celebrate. Why?

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The hour started with Vicki and Heather sitting down for tea and a chat about Tamra.

After reminding Heather that she said Tamra would try to sabotage their friendship because that's what Tamra does, Vicki apologized for talking about Heather behind her back.

She feels guilty that she might have contributed to the fight at Shannon's even though she said nothing during the actual fight.

It was a good night for Vicki as she also learned that Briana is having another boy! Briana said she was excited to have another boy, but her body language said something different. We'll probably see Baby #3 in a future season because Briana and Vicki both want a girl.

Lizzie judged beauty pageant and said that her duties as a pageant judge are just one of the many things keeping her so very busy these days. Two kids, a swimwear line, and pageant judging. She so does not have time for a third baby, no matter how much Christian begs.

Plus her mom can't come and help if they do have another baby, so Christian will have to step up and change diapers. You know, be a parent.

The real meat of the episode focused on Shannon Beador and the feud between Tamra and Heather.

Tamra and Eddie arrived at the Good Day LA set for their Cut Fitness appearance. Heather angered Tamra by flying into the studio with 2 seconds to go before they went live, causing Tamra to call her "frosty." 

Eddie rolled his eyes. HARD. He knows their appearance was business and not BFFs but Tamra doesn't seem to grasp that.

They go to lunch and talk out their issues. Tamra doesn't believe Heather when she talks about having Orange Theory, a competitor, on Good Day LA because the owner of the other gym said Heather booked them herself. After repeatedly saying she would never do anything to hurt Tamra, the truth comes out.

What Tamra's really hurt about is the time at Shannon's dinner party when Heather talked to Eddie about how Tamra wants to have a baby with him. 

Heather knows she crossed a line and apologizes. Tamra asks if she might become friends with Shannon soon.

"Well, don't push it," Heather replies.

Shannon received a shocking email from David wherein he says he thinks he should move out for a while. She knows there are issues in their marriage but hadn't realized things had gotten this far.

Divorce, she says, is not an option. 

She goes to a doctor for a stress test after having chest pains and difficulty breathing and a racing mind, classic signs of anxiety. Which, hey, that's understandable because your husband just said he wants to leave you for a while.

Shannon knows that if they both make changes in the way they communicate with one another, they can fix this. Or at least she hopes they can.

And that's what you missed on The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 9 Episode 9. Check back next week when the drama will be rehashed, and escalate!

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