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Peter Dinklage spoke to MTV recently and was understandably shocked to learn that his interviewer had never seen Game of Thrones. (Wouldn’t you watch just one episode in preparation?)

But instead of chiding the young man for his lack of pop cultural awareness or simply hitting him with a stinging, Tyrion-style slap across the face, Dinklage kindly agrees to sum up the first three-and-a-half seasons in 45 seconds.

Believe it or not, he actually does an okay job:

Peter Dinklage Explains Game of Thrones

Alright, so you’d still be pretty lost if you tried to start watching Game of Thrones at season 4, episode 7, but if someone asked you to summarize the show in a dozen words or less, you couldn’t do much better than "stabby, stabby, stabby, sexy, sexy, sexy."

Dinklage takes a moment to acknowledge the "beautiful language" and "musing on the world as we know it," but then it’s right back to the stabbing and sexy time, which is pretty much exactly how the show is paced. 


So not only did Dinklage give the non-GoT-initiated an idea of what to expect from the show, he also perfectly mimicked the format of the series:

A character is profoundly reflecting on how something he experienced as a child helped shape his adulthood, and then the next thing you know, the second strongest man in the world is disemboweling peasants for fun. 

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