Ramona Singer: Trip to Save Marriage Ends With Drunken Fights and Husband Flirting With Other Women!

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According to preliminary reports, every Real Housewife of New York has been fired except for Ramona Singer. It's all a bit ironic in that, from the looks of things, Ramona won't be a wife of any kind for much longer.

Earlier this year, Singer filed for divorce from her husband Mario in the wake of cheating allegations. In a last-ditch effort to save their marriage, however, the Singers recently took a trip to St. Barth's - and things went about as disastrously as you might expect:

Ramona and Mario Singer

First, there were the drunken fights. Sources tell Radar Online that Ramona and Mario argued constantly in front of the other guests at their high-end resort.

"Mario says Ramona becomes a different person when she drinks, and it's not a very nice person," says one insider. "He also revealed that all of the fights they have as a couple involve her drinking."

Of course, Mario may have given Ramona plenty of reason to drink:

An on-looker who saw the couple stop at a gas station during their getaway revealed:

"I saw [Mario] smiling at another woman at the gas station while he was pumping gas, then checking her out and then smiling at her in rear view mirror as he drove away."

The witness adds that Ramona didn't notice, as she had her face buried in a magazine in an effort to ignore her husband.

Sounds like a marriage worth saving, if ever there was one!

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