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Noah Cyrus has been engaging in some seriously questionable behavior lately, but her latest age-inappropriate shenanigans may be her most shocking yet

Sure, Miley and Noah hit a nightclub together last week. (Noah is 14, by the way.) And judging by the elder sister’s Instagram page, Noah and Miley share a bed.

But those decisions are reversible. Unless we’ve been duped, this one is not:

Miley and Cody Selfie

Yes, the fact that someone took a high-angled shot of a high school-aged girl in a bikini is remarkably not the most inappropriate part of this photo.

Check out Noah’s forearm. Certainly looks like a bunch of tattoos, doesn’t it?


We can usually tell the difference between those rub-on jobs you buy from a vending machine and full-blown, needle-to-the-skin, “ID please,” permanent tattoos.

Based on that photo, Noah seems to be rockin’ the latter.

At first we thought it was nice that Miley seemed to enjoy spending so much time with her sister, but it’s seeming more and more like she’s mainly interested in Noah as a party partner and not as a younger sibling.

If we were these girls’ father, the whole situation would be doing irreparable damage to our already achy-breaky hearts. (Sorry.)

Of course, after years of dealing with Miley’s shenanigans, we’re guessing Billy Ray is not an easy man to shock: