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For the record, we have no idea what’s going on in the following photos.

We don’t know what they are for or where they will end up or why Miley Cyrus is wearing a bathing suit while posing alongside her 14-year old sister in a catsuit.

But we do know this much: thank goodness Noah Cyrus is fully dressed!

Miley and Cody Selfie

Miley has been spending a lot of time with Noah recently, making a few controversial headlines last week by taking the young teenager to a nightclub.


So while that incident in and of itself is no big deal… and while Noah isn’t exposing any skin in the above images… we still worry.

Everything seems mostly tame now, but Miley also snapped a bed selfie with Noah a few days ago.

We hate to wonder, but we can’t help it: how long until little Noah Cyrus is posing topless on Instagram?