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Kat Von D is in fear for her life and others’ as stalker Michael Nunn says he will “go Columbine” on L.A. in retaliation for whatever it is he thinks she did.

Police are desperately trying to locate Nunn, as evidenced by an LAPD search warrant that gives a chilling account of threats he has allegedly made.

The Iowa man claims Kat Von D ruined his life. For what, it’s unclear, but on June 4 he tweeted, “You have to understand, Kat, my life is over because of you.”

“Therefore, what would my only reason for living be? Revenge.”

Michael Nunn Threatens Kat Von D

Michael added he wants people to feel guilty for “what I am about to initiate in a few weeks” and chillingly threatens to “go Columbine in Los Angeles.”

“Get it through your f–king head!! Lose the game or watch people die! Your [sic] running out of time and I’m not running out of anger and determination.”


Police say that Kat Von D got a restraining order against him in 2012 after he harassed her with creepy phone calls and showed up at her residence and work.

In the wake of the rampage by Elliot Rodger – who also spoke of getting “revenge” in Santa Barbara – and countless other gun violence tragedies, police are worried.

They have been unable to find him thus far, but the warrant gave detectives access to Nunn’s Twitter, which they hope will lead them to his whereabouts.

Scary stuff all around.