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Candice Swanepoel topped Maxim’s 2014 Hot 100 list, so she was naturally the guest of honor at the magazine’s annual party held in LA last night. 

While Candice looked undeniably gorgeous (as usual) the reigning Hot 100 champ was certainly not alone in dropping jaws on the red carpet:

Some A-list members of the Hot 100 like Rihanna and Shakira were not in attendance, and you may not have heard of some of the women in the gallery above, but trust us…after seeing their photos you’re unlikely to forget their names.

Scarlett Johannsson, Katy Perry and Jennifer Lawrence also made the top ten this year, but last night was Candice’s time to shine. It’s like she won the Oscar for Best Standing Around in Your Underwear. That should totally be a category!

Check out Candice and some other stunners from the Hot 100 event in the gallery above.

Highlights include the frequently naked Dylan Penn and Real Housewife/Brandi Glanville rival Joanna Krupa.

Oh, and Paris Hilton was there, in case anyone is interested.

Anyway, Paris presence aside, it looks like it was a hell of a fun night. We respect any red carpet event that doesn’t even bother handing out awards or premiering a movie and just openly admits that it’s all about who looks best walking in.