Maksim Chmerkovskiy: Retiring From Dancing With the Stars After First Title?

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Is Maksim Chmerkovskiy retiring from Dancing With the Stars? He would certainly be going out on top after winning his first title this spring with Meryl Davis.

Whether Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Meryl Davis are together or not remains a mystery, but clearly, his relationship with Davis is particularly dear to him.

Speaking about whether he'll return to DWTS for another season, he said he has to think about it, since he knows he'll never get another partner at her level.

"I want Meryl to be the last person I dance with," said the hunky dance pro, "and the last person I got to be passionate with and care so much for."

Certainly sounds like retirement ... and true love. Or is it?

"Do you know what a showmance is? It is like being at a summer camp when you're a teenager," he said. "You spend summertime away from your home."

"When you spend three months very closely with someone at a particular place, it is like a summer love. You have no choice but to get involved with that person."

"I am very close with a few of my past partners because they have played a huge role in a big part of my life," he went on, somewhat cryptically.

"Three months is a long time, and if I am going to give someone that much of my time, then I am going to develop a relationship with that person."

"I raised so many children at the studio that I am ready to create one of my own," said the single star, whose exes include Karina Smirnoff and Kate Upton.

"I am really ready to have a family now," he says, adding, "I need an outlet. I have so much I want to give, and I need someone to give it to."

Just propose to Meryl already. Sheesh.

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