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Recently, Madonna has taken to behaving as revoltingly as possible as part of her desperate bid to remain relevant.

Last month Madonna used the word “gay” as insult. Prior to that Madonna dropped an N-Bomb in reference to her white son.

The most baffling behavior of all, however, may have the been the still-unexplained Daenerys Targaryen costume Madonna wore for Purim.

It’s a bit sad, in that in her attempts to be “edgy” the former icon really just reminds you of an aging, bigoted relative who should probably institutionalized.

Madonna Looks Contemplative in 2020

We were actually beginning to feel bad for Madonna. Then we saw this:

Yes, that’s exactly what it looks like…Madonna wearing a burqa. If you’re anything like us, this photo makes you want an explanation. Fortunately, Madonna has one. It just happens to be the Worst Explanation Ever:


“It’s that kinda day! #Unapologeticb—-!”

Yet again, Madonna demonstrates that she has only the most tenuous grip on reality and doesn’t quite understand how hashtags work. (Those dashes are hers.)

So there you have it. Madonna posted a photo of herself wearing fundamentalist Muslim garb and doesn’t give a damn what you think about it.

You think she’s an idiot? Of course you do! And you’re right to. But don’t hold your breath for an apology. Know why? Because she’s an unapologetic b—-!