Laura Prepon Talks Orange is the New Black Season 3: I'm in Every Episode!

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For those of you who have yet to binge-watch Orange is the New Black season two (What are you waiting for?!) Laura Prepon's Alex Vause makes only a couple brief appearances throughout the 13-episode run.

That's not exactly a spoiler as we knew Prepon planned to quit OITNB after the first season (allegedly as a result of her Scientologist beliefs), before eventually agreeing to come back for a few episodes in order to wrap up her character's storyline.

While the second season of the acclaimed series has proven to be just as riveting and gut-bustingly funny as the first, the absence of wild card Alex has left a noticeable void in Litchfield.

Fortunately, in an interview with Today this morning, Prepon stated that she'll return as a series regular for the already-confirmed third season of OITNB:

"Netflix doesn't do the standard contract of blocking you off for a few years," said Prepon. So I had a conflict come up. It's been handled and we've started season three and I'm in every episode!"

She added, "I'm so bummed I wasn't in season two more...But season three, we're already shooting and it's going to be awesome!"

No word on whether that conflict had anything to do with Prepon dating Tom Cruise.

Anyway, for more of Prepon's sexy drug smuggler you can watch Orange is the New Black online at TV Fanatic.

And be sure to check out our list of OITNB actresses who look completely different in real life. Prepon's not the only one who really disappears into her role:

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