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When most people are recovering from arthroscopic knee surgery, they rely on a heavy dose of painkillers, Netflix and self-pity to pass the time.

Ashish Patel clearly is not most people.

The music fan decided to harness the power of song – and Snapchat – to distract himself and treat us all to a compilation of magical pop covers:

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And here we thought that Snapchat was only used for five-second clips of Rihanna Twerking or drunkenly sending pics of your junk to hookup buddies.

You’re never too old to learn something.

Patel made good use of the popular app’s drawing feature to transform himself into a number of popular musicians while lip syncing to their tunes.

Seriously. Talk about making the most of your recuperation. Well done, Ashish … now please do up these 21 summer jams for an encore ASAP: