Katy Perry: Bleached Eyebrows Selfie is The Stuff of Nightmares!

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Well, you can't win 'em all.

If rumors are to be believed Katy Perry is dating Robert Pattinson. She also just became the first celebrity to cover Cosmopolitan magazine in 62 different countries.

Needless, to say KP is on a roll. Or at least she was until today.

Katy Perry: Bleached Eyebrows

We're guessing by this point you've slammed your laptop shut or thrown your phone, but allow us to explain, anyway:

Actually, we can't. There is not explanation for this other than Katy apparently thought it would be a good ides to bleach her eyebrows, twist her hair into little knots like Crazy Eyes from Orange is the New Black...and take a selfie.

We're guessing/hoping that Katy was alone, drunk and trying to be funny when she posted this shot to Instagram.

Surely if her new boyfriend or anyone else had been around, they would've stopped this travesty from happening.

Then again, maybe Pattinson was too busy watching Game of Thrones reruns to realize his girlfriend had turned her head into some sort of Willy Wonka fever dream. 

So it's a rare loss for Katy. We're sure she'll recover and come back looking better than ever. After all, most of the time she looks like this:

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