Jenny McCarthy: Out of The View?

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Time may be running out for Jenny McCarthy on The View.

The beautiful blonde's contract with the ABC talk show expires in January - and sources tell Fox News that she's unlikely to be brought back for a second year, now after her hiring failed to boost ratings.

Jenny Mac on The View

"Jenny just didn’t appeal to the daytime audience market. They couldn’t relate to her,” a source tells FOX411. “There are a lot of changes taking place now that Barbara [Walters] has left."

The decision to bring McCarthy on board last fall was met with skepticism and criticism by some, as the model's anti-vaccination beliefs are well-documented at this point.

One critic went as far as to refer to McCarthy as a homicidal maniac, while others were shocked ABC would give someone with her viewpoint such a public forum.

The network says that its policy prohibits them from discussing talent contracts, but "Jenny has been a welcome addition to the show."

As of April, though, the numbers say otherwise: ratings were down by about 5 percent compared with that time last season. Conversely, CBS’ The Talk has climbed 19 percent from its past season.

"Now that Barbara has retired, ABC has more autonomy to hire who they want for the show,” adds this insider. “But no matter what, Barbara will not let this show fail. She wants talent that will appeal to the daytime viewers.”

Do you want to see Jenny McCarthy remain on The View?

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