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File this one under unexpectedly harsh criticism from a Nickelodeon star:

Earlier this month, Jennette McCurdy dissed Ariana Grande in an effort to get out from under her ex-co-star’s shadow. Now she’s turned her (negative) attention to an anonymous (and apparently fugly) ex-boyfriend:

“Sometimes I look at old photographs of my ex and I want to cry because he was so ugly,” McCurdy tweeted.

Jennette McCurdy at Billboard Music Awards
Photo via Judy Eddy/

McCurdy dated Andre Drummond of the Detroit Pistons last year, and given the contentious nature of their breakup, many have wondered if McCurdy’s comments are directed at him.

It wouldn’t be the first time that McCurdy has publicly dissed Drummond, and some have even suggested that Drummond leaked the McCurdy lingerie selfies that hit the Internet back in March.


Of course, it’s possible that Jennette didn’t have Drummond in mind when she posted the tweet. Sadly, we’ll never know for sure which one of her exes McCurdy was targeting. 

In fact, it may have just been a joke meant for no one in particular (we doubt it).

In any event, the whole “ugly” affair gives us an excuse to ogle Jennette’s racy pics again, and in the end isn’t that all that really matters?

The answer is yes. Yes, it is: