Harry Styles Begs New Bride: Run Away with Me!

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Oh, Harry Styles. You handsome kidder, you.

The One Direction singer - known for pranks such as getting naked on Instagram and pulling down the pants of Piers Morgan - recorded a video of himself for a huge fan's wedding, teaming with her husband to present it to her on her big day.

But the following may not have been what James Gershfield had in mind when he reached out to Styles for the favor.

"You don’t have to go through with this,” Harry pleads in the above footage. “It’s not too late. I’m going to be waiting at Orly’s in Borehamwood for the next three hours. If you don’t come, I’ll understand, but that’s where I’ll be."

The video was played at the reception on June 8, but fortunately the bride did not pull a Kim Kardashian and file for a quickie divorce.

"Thanks so much to @benwinston and @Harry_Styles for the video at my wedding," Gershfield wrote on Instagram along with the clip, assuring family and friends:

"I’m pleased to say that she stayed and didn’t go to Orlys."

Wow, impressive work, James. What's your secret? How did you keep your bride from choosing you over this gorgeous British hunk?!?

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