Devil Prank Causes Subject to Faint, Sob Uncontrollably

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Nope. Turns out this killer clown prank is NOT the scariest thing in the history of ever.

Not according to some dude named Yousef at least.

In a video uploaded online Sunday, some of Yousef’s friends forever win a prank war against their buddy, setting him up to return to a dark apartment and be confronted by the girl from The Ring, essentially.

But the subject's response is what ends up being scary, as Yousef’s faints at the sight of this spirit and then starts to cry uncontrollably.

Watch now and try to determine: is the reaction real? Or is it meant to actually serve as the prank, fooling all who view this footage?

Yousef insists his tears are legitimate.

But at least he's a good sport about the ordeal.

"The whole world of 'evil spirits' terrifies me to no end. So, Yes. I did cry. hard. But come onnnnnnn. I came home to my empty apartment under the assumption that I was ALONE," he wrote on YouTube, adding:

"I cried because when I woke up I had no idea what was going on. I was confused and to be honest fainting is scary. At the end of the day, they're my homies and all is fare [sic] in love and war.

"And I did start a prank war with Ahmed. But I told them.. THIS IS MY CHANNEL. Stop trying to get me. lol."