Courtney Stodden, Mom Take Trip Down Memory Lane, Make Us Uncomfortable

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It's hard to really explain the strangeness of this Courtney Stodden video, so before you watch it, let's just break it down as succinctly as we can:

  • Courtney hosts a web series called Courtney Naturally;
  • More than 17,000 people are actually subscribing to it;
  • Her "natural" body parts are spilling out of her dress;
  • Her mom stops by this episode to wax nostalgic ...

Yeah. Incredibly uncomfortable.

Watching the two look at old Courtney Stodden pictures from when she was 10 (like back in 2006) is weird for so many reasons, but most notably this:

She says she wasn't smiling much because she was mad ... that she wanted to "dress all provocative and stuff" but her parents wouldn't let her.

A harbinger of things to come. Fast forward a few years and she's dressing more tha provocatively for Horace from Lost, a man three times her age.

Seriously, three times.