Casper Smart Denies Cheating on J. Lo, May Sue The Dirty Over Transsexual Rumors

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Casper Smart is adamant that he didn't cheat on Jennifer Lopez with two transsexual models, and is gearing up to sue the gossip site that reported this.

Jennifer Lopez and her boyfriend split up a few months back, and it had nothing to do with Smart's alleged sexting shenanigans, as reported by The Dirty.

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Casper is downright pissed that The Dirty claimed he cheated with Sofie Vissa and another transsexual he met on Instagram, and is ready to take action.

His lawyer fired off a letter to the site's founder, Nik Richie, denying he's ever met, kissed or had sex with either of the two transsexuals in question.

The attorney says the dancer didn't send them any sexy photos and flat out denies Casper Smart cheated on Jennifer, demanding a retraction or else.

Smart's lawyer also sent a threatening letter to Vissa, one of the transsexual models, imploring her to sign a declaration saying they never met Smart.

Sofie has been talking to the media, which Smart doesn't care for. As for Richie, he doesn't seem concerned, or eager to retract The Dirty's story.

When you get sued as often as he does, you likely grow immune.

Nik tells TMZ: "Casper, go get a real job. I heard Instagram is hiring over in their compliance department ... Stop blaming everyone else for your problems."

Your move, Casper. In the meantime ... sorry about this, man:

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