Bored Husband Stuck Shopping with Wife, Constructs Cry for Help on Store Shelf

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We've all been there, man.

You're out with your wife and she just keeps shopping... and keeps shopping... and keeps shopping... and... you get the idea.

It feels the experience will never end, like you'll never get home to watch that big sporting event and that's when inspiration strikes!

You're inside a Michaels Craft Store, so there must be some way you can creatively send out an S.O.S. and hopefully make it back home by the fourth quarter.

At least that's basically what one dude was thinking, based on the following image posted to Imgur:


This unnamed husband is not alone, of course.

As you can see here, plenty of men have been held hostage while their wives maxed out their credit cards.

But at least they got a few winks in...

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