Blue Ivy Carter, Jay Z Photo Wins Father's Day

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In case you haven't heard, there are a bunch of grown-ups out there with way too much time on their hands who have some sort of problem with Blue Ivy's hair. Such a problem, in fact, that they're circulating a petition to change it.

Let that sink in for a moment, then look at the photo of Baby Blue and her legendary dad on Father's Day.

Blue Ivy and Jay Z: Father's Day Photo

Yup. Some people look at this perfect moment caught on camera and think, Somebody cut that child's hair!!!

We're sure Jay and Beyonce are none too concerned. 

Bey Instagrammed this photo over the weekend with the caption, "Happy Happy Father's Day."

She somehow managed to post an adorable pic, silence haters and even squash Jay Z cheating rumors in one Instagram post. 'Yonce knows how to Internet.

Sure, there are those who will claim photos like this, and the Carters recent loved-up public appearances are just examples of over-compensation by the embattled couple, and that's certainly a possibility...

But do you really think 1. Beyonce would stay with a cheater, and 2. Jay cares that much what we all think about his relationship?

There's no deep psychoanalysis needed here. Jay and Bey are wealthy, insanely popular and their daughter is as cute as they come. So, yes some people are critical and constantly looking for signs of weakness. There's a word for that: hatiin'.

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