Ben & Jerry's Introduces Saturday Night Live-Themed Ice Cream Flavors

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Amazing news, ice cream lovers:

You may now spend your lazy Sundays actually eating a few bites of Lazy Sunday.

Ben & Jerry's has come out with a pair of Saturday Night Live-themed, one based on a classic Andy Samberg Digital Short and the other on a character made famous by Kristen Wiig.

Ben & Jerry's SNL Flavors

According to a company press release, Lazy Sunday is comprised of a vanilla cake batter ice cream base with chocolate and yellow cupcake pieces and a chocolate frosting swirl, appropriate for when you have a hankering for Magnolia cupcakes.

Gilly's Catastrophic Crunch, meanwhile, contains a marshmallow swirl "as frantic and mischievous as the flavor's namesake.

The flavor is a combination of chocolate and sweet cream ice creams, with caramel clusters, fudge-covered almonds and the aforementioned marshmallow swirl.

As of yesterday, both these flavors are available at Ben & Jerry's scoop shops nationwide, though you cannot buy them in pints just yet.

The company, which previously released a "Schweddy Balls” flavor, will release to more SNL-inspired flavors later this year in honor of the sketch show turning 40 years old.

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