"Banned" Grey Poupon Ad Asks: What Do You Poop On?

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Yet another doody-based commercial has hit the Internet.

On the heels of Kmart's Ship My Pants ad from last year, Grey Poupon* has unveiled a new spot that gives this fancy mustard a new tagline.

The video seems innocent enough upon first glance, as a number of everyday folks are using the popular item as a condiment with their burgers and potato salads.

That’s simply what they Poupon... get it? 

You most likely will after one woman says she Poupons her husband's chest. GROSS! No wonder it was supposedly banned, huh?

* This ad was not actually made by Grey Poupon.

It is, instead, the work of OBVS (Online Broadcasting Virtual Station). And it's hilarious.

Click through the following video gallery, meanwhile, to relive a few of our favorite actual commercials. (Yes, fellas, that's Kate Upton in the first one.)

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