Andrew Stern Suicide: Katie Cleary's Husband Tried Once Before, Was Undergoing Hormone Therapy

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Andrew Stern, the husband of actress/model Katie Cleary who committed suicide Sunday at a firing range, may have tried to kill himself in a similar way in April.

Just days after he filed for divorce from the Deal or No Deal beauty, no less.

According to TMZ, Stern left L.A. in mental distress and went home to his parents in Ohio. On April 17, his mom called 911 and said he was trying to kill himself.

Andrew's mother told the dispatcher he was going to end his life either by going to a local firing range and shooting himself or by running the car in the garage.

The 911 call begins with the mom speeding to the firing range, fearing an Andrew Stern suicide had already taken place. It had not, but she wasn't far off.

By the time the mom arrived, cops were on the scene, and were told by employees at the range they away Andrew because he seemed too unstable.

When police found Stern, he was taken to a hospital for mental observation.

A month later, officials from a different police department in Ohio went to Andrew's home for a wellness check, after a local doctor told them he was in bad shape.

Andrew said he was having suicidal thoughts because Katie Cleary left him.

As for whether that's true, or why she left him, both questions are likely to remain unanswered, but he was in the midst of a downward spiral due to hormone therapy.

About two years ago, he went to a Beverly Hills health and wellness center because he was feeling lethargic and suffering from a waning libido. 

The center gave him a kit, which included human growth hormones and testosterone, both injectable. Friends say this made him unstable, however.

Drastic mood swings and extremely irritability became real issues for him; Andrew kept the regimen up for a year until he couldn't stand it and quit abruptly.

Doing so may have triggered his deep depression, doctors say, compounded by a failed business and the state of his marriage to the 32-year-old Cleary.

Friends say he lost it after seeing pictures of his wife in Cannes with Leo DiCaprio, though Katie's rep says the pictures didn't have an impact on Andrew.

Either way, it's an incredibly complicated end to a tragic story.

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