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There’s no denying that Maleficent has been a success for Disney, thanks to the performance of one Angelina Jolie. But what’s added to its appeal is that it’s not just another cartoon movie.

There’s something about the live-action aspect that sets it apart, not to mention the fact that it’s a never-before-told tale of just how Maleficent came to be so evil she would curse a baby!

With the news that Disney has green-lit live-action remakes of CinderellaBeauty and the Beast, and The Jungle Book in light of Maleficent‘s warm reception, our wheels started turning.

What if The Little Mermaid really WAS a part of our world!?! Who better to bring her to life than Emma Stone now that Lindsay Lohan is a cracked out, washed up has-been?

Come to think of it, that washed up part might actually work for a movie about a mermaid… we want a finder’s fee on this one, Disney. Have your people call ours.

Take a look at 9 Disney live action remakes we’d love to see: