25 Movies That Came Out 25 Years Ago: THAT'S When Harry Met Sally?!?

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It's really hard to believe that 1989 was 25 years ago, but the calendar does not lie.

Has it really been so long since Harry met Sally? Or since the Coreys ruled the world? 

Approximately 50% - HALF - of the world's current population is under 30. That means nearly half of the people currently alive were born AFTER 1989.

THAT means that this list of 25 movies that came out 25 years ago is full of totally foreign titles to them. Unless they're super-cultured and had great parents, they might not have a clue why hover boards should be a thing. 

Speaking of, where ARE our hover boards, guys?

Ponder. Debate. Wonder what scientists have been up to all this time and go back to the future past now: 

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