13 Grinding GIFs to Gross You Out (Especially #5 Because WOW)

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If you're going out to the club and you can't dance, no worries! There's always grinding, a "dance move" where you basically dry hump anyone in your general vicinity.

Sometimes graphically and/or in large groups. It's versatile like that.

Grinding is a move so egregious that schools across the country have attempted to eradicate it threatening students with suspension if they partake in it feverishly.

We're all for freedom of expression ... but we can sort of see why:

Hormonal teens are far from alone in their desire to rub crotches.

From Miley Cyrus to Justin Bieber to Nicki Minaj and even Nicole Kidman (seriously), even celebrities get in on the grinding action. And usually gross us out in the process.

Get ready to gag, ladies and gossipers alike, at the 13 grinding GIFs above, many of which you'll likely wish you could unsee but clearly cannot. Especially #5. WOW.

Kids these days. They have no idea what dancing was like in the '90s ...

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