Wyclef "April Showers" Video Banned From YouTube: Is That Tupac?!

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Wyclef Jean's "April Showers" video has been banned from YouTube, and Tupac Shakur is to blame. As in the image of a dead Tupac's corpse that haunts the video!

The track, featuring Mobb Deep, features what sure looks like a shot of the rapper's autopsy at one point, resulting in its removal from the video sharing website.

An infamous photo of Tupac's corpse, partially cut open during his autopsy back in 1996, was published in Cathy Scott's book, The Killing of Tupac Shakur.

Scott was convinced the image was the real deal and had Wyclef's video yanked from YouTube as a result; she's the one who lodged the complaint.

However, 2Pac impersonator Richard Garcia says it's him!

Garcia says he was hired to re-create the autopsy for the video - which actually has an anti-gun violence theme, despite its grisly imagery - and obliged.

Makeup artist Autumn McHugh also confirms personally to THG that she was behind the (incredible) makeup work you see in "April Showers." It's not 'Pac.

Even though he only appears for a quick moment (blink and you'll miss it above), the faux 'Pac says it took eight hours of McHugh's work to recreate the photo.

Looks like it worked, and then some.

Scott is still convinced, even after hearing Garcia's account, that it is the actual photo of the rap star from her book, believing it is just too realistic.

Well done, makeup artists.

We'd imagine the video is back up on YouTube in its entirety soon. As for whether Tupac is alive, we'll leave that up to his old friend Suge Knight.

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