Wiz Khalifa Jail Selfie Prompts Police Investigation: How Did He Sneak a Pic?!

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Lost in the humor that was last weekend's Wiz Khalifa jail selfie, which followed the star's arrest for marijuana possession, was one key question:

How the heck do you even take a jail selfie?! Aren't you ... in jail?!

Police in El Paso, Texas are wondering that very thing and looking into how in the world Wiz Khalifa managed to sneak a selfie while he was locked up.

They are investigating a breach in jailhouse security as we speak.

Khalifa was busted early Sunday at an airport security checkpoint.

The rapper was caught trying to carry weed on a plane, allegedly, and was hauled off to jail, where he took a somber-looking selfie and tweeted it out.

Inmates are not allowed to take pictures in jail with their phones.

As a result, police want to know if Khalifa was left unsupervised and just didn't have his phone taken away, because he's Wiz and super chill.

Or, worse, if one of the jailers actually facilitated the picture.

Wiz Khalifa Mug Shot
Wiz Khalifa Jail Selfie

He also had a mug shot taken (left) in addition to the selfie.

In addition to his camera-phone self-portrait, he shared a photo of his cell door with the phrase "Free Trap Wiz," which followers later turned into a hashtag.

The incident also delayed the release of his latest track.

Khalifa revealed to Wiz Nation via Twitter, from the slammer, that he hoped to drop his new single "28 Grams" today, until he got "locced [sic] up."

These things happen when you're Wiz Khalifa.

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