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Despite Suge Knight’s claims that Tupac is still alive, the iconic rapper was actually murdered in 1996.

When he was still with us Shakur, of course, was famously devoted to the "thug life" and his newly revealed final words show that he stuck his ideals until the very end.

Tupac Final Words Revealed

What were those ideals? Never snitch; never give in to authority figures; and – perhaps most importantly – f–k the police!

Yes, TMZ reports that Tupac’s last words – spoken to a police officer – were "F–k you!"

This, according to Las Vegas Police Department officer Chris Carroll who says he pulled Pac from the car and tried to pump him for information about his shooter’s identity before the rapper slipped out of consciousness forever.

Carroll recounts the events of that fateful night thusly:


"I look down and I realize that is Tupac Shakur."

"I’m looking at Tupac and he’s trying to yell at Suge and just sort of ignoring me and I’m asking him ‘Who shot you? What happened? Who did it?’"

Instead of revealing his shooter’s identity, however, Pac replied with a terse two word message that Officer Carroll will never forget.

Carroll followed Tupac to the hospital in hopes of getting a "dying declaration," which would’ve been considered valid testimony in the case of a murder trial.

Sadly, Pac never emerged from the coma he slipped into on the scene and he died six days later.

His murder remains unsolved and "f–ck you" were the last two words he ever spoke. 

So yeah, he was kind of a badass, to say the least. That may be why everyone finds it hilarious when Justin Bieber raps a Tupac song in public. 

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