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Tiffany Thornton, who portrayed the best friend of Demi Lovato on Sonny With a Chance, has taken her children and made a run for it.

According to the actress’ husband, musician Chris Carney, Thornton left the family home shortly after an argument on Easter and took the couple’s 20-month old son and newborn child with her.

Carney – who admits he has been in contact with kids via video chat – says Thornton and the tykes are holed up with her parents in Texas and has filed a report with the Los Angeles Police Department to get his sons back.

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“She said that she’s not coming back,” Carney tells The Insider, hinting in legal documents that his wife suffers from postpartum depression and her devout religion has put her at odds with Carney’s rocker lifestyle.

Thornton, through her attorney, claims otherwise.


“The fact that Mr. Carney has chosen to contact The Insider to publicize these claims raises serious concerns for Ms. Thornton, who does not believe that Mr. Carney’s desire for media attention, is in the best interest of the parties of the children, the two young children,” the young star’s lawyer said in a statement this week.

Thornton (who most recently appeared The Dog That Saved Easter, a straight-to-DVD movie) has not exactly been hiding.

She’s continued to post photos of herself and the two boys on Twitter and Instagram, including Bible passages as captions to most of the images.

TMZ, meanwhile, talked to Carney’s mother (who serves as the mayor of Hot Springs, Arkansas) and Ruth Carney is on the side of her daughter-in-law.

She believes her son has a drinking problem and recently “went crazy,” which is why she actually helped Tiffany take the kids far away from him. 

The artist denies such an allegation, replying that he is merely a social drinking; his mom flipped out when she found beer in the refrigerator; and that she is an accessory to a felony.

With two very young boys at the center of this scandal, let’s all hope it has a happy ending.