The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 20 Recap: A Cabin in the Woods

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A very important question was posed on The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 20:

What is dumber, going to a secluded cabin in the woods when being hunted; taking a bath in said cabin; or playing Never Have I Ever with two ex-boyfriends?

Elena made all of these choices on the latest installment of this CW drama.

Nathaniel Buzolic Almost Played a Salvatore

And we're not saying that's why she got abducted at the end... but they couldn't have helped!

Yes, Elena Gilbert is once again in peril. It's the go-to move for The Vampire Diaries and it's yet another example of this season not offering up any exciting storylines.

SPOILER ALERT: She is going to get rescued.

Most of this hour was spent with Ghost Enzo haunting his old friends, nearly killing Damon and Stefan via fire until Damon promised that he'll try to bring Enzo back to life.

Damon also learned the truth of just how Enzo died (sort of; didn't he kill himself? Why does Stefan keep saying he murdered him?) and handled it okay. But this only irritated Damon, who proved to Elena that he can't control himself... yet doesn't have her as a girlfriend to show for it.

He did kiss her at the end of a "very crappy day," however, as the Delena dance continues.


  • Bonnie refuses to tell Jeremy the full truth about her fate if/when The Other Side falls apart.
  • Tyler may turn into Julian permanently.
  • Caroline was clearly jealous of Elena and Stefan's bond, as the show is very much hinting at these two getting together.
  • Markos continues to be exceptionally boring.

So, sadly, there you have it. The stakes on The Vampire Diaries Season 5 don't exactly feel pressing, do they? Does anyone care about Delena anymore? Does anyone think the Travelers make for interesting villains?

Heck, would anyone care if Bonnie dies?

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