The Originals Season 1 Episode 22 Recap: Raising Hope

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So... what went down on the The Originals Season 1 finale?

What didn't go down on The Originals Season 1 finale?!?

Let's rundown all the crazily awesome happenings on The Originals Season 1 Episode 22, shall we? Hold on tight, readers...

Hayley is a hybrid. She had her throat cut by Genevieve so the witches could steal her baby and perform their ritual, in accordance with the elders.

But she had the child's blood in her when she died and she returned to life as a partial vampire, intent on saving her baby.

Elijah and Klaus were on the same mission. They were distraught over Hayley's death, especially Elijah, who shed tears over finally letting someone in and they were navigating a cursed cemetery when Hayley made her shocking re-appearance.

The three of them found the witches just as they were on the verge of killing the girl and they were unable to do anything, thanks to the power of Genevieve and her evil young friends.

But Marcel to the rescue! He used a special star from Kieran's collection (given to him by Cami) to kill Monique and save the baby. He then whisked her to the Quarter to bribe Klaus into using his hybrid blood to save his vampire friends, who were bitten last week by werewolves.

But Marcel's friends are all dead. They were killed by Mikael - yes, Mikael! - who Davina brought back to life. But she did so with a special spell that binds him tot he church attic. She is now her secret weapon and no one else has any idea he's alive (they think the werewolves returned to kill Diego and company).

Klaus, however, gives Marcel his blood out of gratitude for saving the child.

But Klaus also fears for that child's life, so he and Hayley and Elijah come up with a plan: they will send her away. They will tell everyone the baby is dead, so their enemies - led by Ester, who Genevieve earlier admitted was behind the sacrifice... before Hayley plunged a knife into her gut - do not go after this new family member.

It's the only hope for the girl, everyone agrees. So Klaus drives her to a meeting spot where he hands the girl over to... REBEKAH! The child, aptly named Hope, will be raised in secret by her aunt. Everyone else, Cami and Marcel included, will believe she is dead.

We end the finale with a look at a female witch and a young male witch - Esther and Kol in disguise? - placing a flower on Esther's grave and saying it's no fun to rest in peace.

What a finale! Full of death, life, shocks, twists and turns! Go watch The Originals online via TV Fanatic and sound off now: How awesome was that?!?!

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