The Originals Season 1 Episode 21 Recap: (Power) Hungry Like the Wolf

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Rest in peace, Father Kieran.

And, along with this late priest, rest in peace any semblance of a human faction in New Orleans as well.

Indeed, a major twist closed out The Originals Season 1 Episode 21, as we learned that Francesca Guerrera is actually a werewolf.

She struck a deal with Genevieve to have the witch create moonstone rings for her and her brothers so they could get their first kill, be instantly inundated with major power and then destroy all vampires in their wake in order to regain control of New Orleans. 

It was brutal stuff, with good ol' Diego even getting bitten and Marcel crying in agony as he returned to the compound and saw his brethren once again defeated.

As part of her moonstone spell, Genevieve used Klaus' blood... meaning each time a werewolf fights off his/her natural instinct to turn with a full moon, they actually use Klaus' strength to do so.

The result on this installment was a weakened Hybrid who was taunted by his occasional lover and told the worst news of all:

She had kidnapped Hayley and there was nothing Klaus could do about it. The hour ended with Hayley being held down by Monique and Genevieve and being told that her child would be sacrificed to the elders. She screamed out in fear and agony.

Elsewhere on a crazy fun episode:

  • With Josh dying of a bite from Klaus, Davina is seriously considering bringing Mikael back from the dead.
  • Cami discovered an apartment used by her dead uncle. It's full of files and information on the factions in New Orleans.
  • We learned that Francesca was responsible for the bayou bombing and that she has a deal in place with Oliver.

So we head into next week's finale with Hayley abducted, her baby in trouble, the werewolves seemingly in charges and Klaus in an angry, weak state.

How will it all wrap up? Go watch The Originals online via TV Fanatic and take your best guess now!

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