The-Dream: Lydia Nam Made Up Assault Story to Avoid Getting Deported!

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The-Dream's ex-girlfriend Lydia Nam would rather see him in jail than return to Canada ... at least according to the producer, who was charged with a crime this week.

Pals of the hyphenated hit-maker say the only reason he was arrested for felony assault and strangulation is because his former flame was about to get the boot.

From the United States, that is. Her visa was set to expire imminently. What happens next was nothing but a cold, calculated move on her part, says The-Dream.

He says she found out there's a special visa that allows immigrants to remain in the U.S. if they're crime victims and needed in the prosecution of the perpetrator.

If she really made it up for that reason? Bold, and cold.

To hear The-Dream tell it, this is why Lydia Nam accused him of punching, kicking and strangling her while she was pregnant with their son last year.

An accusation she only made much later, interestingly.

For Nam's part, sources close to her tell TMZ Dream attacked more than once, and she only waited to come forward because she feared him. That simple.

Who do you believe? Sound off below ...

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