Suge Knight Rips Stormey Ramdhan: I Ain't Never Been Engaged!

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Suge Knight is none too pleased about his ex Stormey Ramdhan's new tell-all book, saying 99 percent of her claims in the tome are completely bogus.

He's trying to make sure the book never sees the light of day, too.

Stormey Ramdhan is gearing up to release her hilariously-titled memoir My Life With the Knight: The Woman Behind the Most Feared Man in Hip Hop.

Yet The Knight says there is no "life" she shared with him, really.

Suge Knight says his relationship with Stormey (with whom he has two children) was short-lived, and Ramdhan ain't got nothing noteworthy to say about him.

He says he's currently in the process of drafting a cease and desist letter, aimed at blocking its release, and when it comes to her claim that they were engaged?

Watch the video above for his gem of a response to that claim.

Ramdhan claims to reveal the truth about Knight's relationship with Tupac Shakur and a whole lot more, but to hear Suge tell it, she doesn't how $h!t.

Instead, she's just using their relationship to sell a product.

Insisting that he respects his kids and implying that he's treading carefully as a result, Knight is adamant that she's just using him for her own financial gain.

Sounds like a rather Stormey relationship, right? Sorry.

As for Sugar Bear's recent statement that Puff Daddy is a b!tch and Tupac is alive, you gotta watch his interview with TMZ after the jump to appreciate that ...


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