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The body count continued to rise on Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 7.

Did Tyrion bite it, following his decision last Sunday to engaged in a Trial by Combat?

No, not even after Bronn turned down the chance to fight again on his behalf because he and Cersei schemed to marry him to a wealthy woman and arrange for him to eventually take over a castle.

That’s because Prince Oberyn volunteered to take up a sword for Tyrion. Why would be battle for the life of a Lannister? Because the crown chose Ser Gregor at its Champion and Ser Gregor killed Oberyn’s sister.

Rhaegal - Game of Thrones

(NOTE: Ser Gregor is also massive. You may wanna eat your Wheaties that morning, Oberyn. Good luck, buddy.)


Instead, it was Lysa Tully who became the latest series tragedy, as she threatened Sansa’s life after witnessing Littlefinger kiss his true love’s daughter… and was then tossed through the Moon Roof by Littlefinger himself.

If only her son had been along for the ride.

So now Sansa is left with the realm’s creepiest manipulator, but one who does sincerely care for her well-being. Does this make her better off than she was with Joffrey? Absolutely. But that bar was set rather low.


  • Arya bonded with The Hound, who talked of his terrible childhood, which included being burned by his brother.
  • Pod and Brienne ran into Hot Pie, who told them Arya is still alive. They are headed to Lysa’s place to see if she and/or Sansa could be there.
  • Dany had sex with Daario and initially sent him to sack a city. But then thought better of it after advice from Jorah.
  • Melisandre and Selyse talked about visions and affairs and desires of the flesh, with The Red Woman told Selyse that daughter Shireen HAD to join Stannis for his next ride into battle. We shudder to wonder why.

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Will you miss Lysa?