Pat Sajak on Global Warming Rant: Just Kidding!

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Pat Sajak would like to buy an apology. 

Sort of.

Under fire for blasting global warming advocates as unpatriotic racists via Twitter this week, the Wheel of Fortune hopped online today and offered up a clarification.

Pat Sajak on Wheel of Fortune

"Of course I was joking," Sajak wrote, explaining: "Just mocking the name-calling that is directed at global warming skeptics within and without the scientific community."

That name-calling may go overboard at times, it's true.

But that's typically because these "skeptics" are ignoring the findings of one scientific study after another.

One does sound rather foolish when one tries to argue against... facts.

While some reacted to Sajak's initial Twitter rant against climate change (in which he wrote "there's a difference between climate & weather, moron!") in anger, comedian Neal Brennan found a lighter side.

"Call me crazy, but I get all of my science from Pat Sajak and Jenny McCarthy," he Tweeted. "Seriously, call me crazy. I'm f****** crazy."

HA! We love it.