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Once Upon a Time fans simply can’t let it go.

At the conclusion of last night’s Once Upon a Time Season 3 finale, the ABC series simply stunned fans… by introducing Princess Elsa!

Yes, that Princess Elsa. The one from Frozen, a film that only came out six months ago and which has grossed over $1 billion around the globe.

We only got a glimpse of the beloved character, however, leaving viewers with a number of questions.


To wit:

  • Is Elsa evil?
  • Could Elsa be a resurrected Zelena?
  • Will Season 4 also include Olaf?
  • Can Season 4 also please include Olaf?!?
  • Can we now look forward to a Once Upon a Time musical episode?
  • Is this the quickest movie-to-television turnaround in history?

And, of course, WHO WILL PLAY ELSE?

Go watch Once Upon a Time online to see how the series set up this Season 4 teaser and try to answer the final question below: