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Miranda Fugate, a.k.a. the Shovel Fight Girl, recently earned 15 minutes of fame after she got DROPPED with a thunderous blow to the head on Vine.

The sound of the shovel hitting the girl in the head alone will make you cringe, and conjures up memories of the Sharkeisha video that went viral last fall.

The clip is actually from a longer, eight minute video of the fight between two girls – a 14-year-old shovel thrower and the 18-year-old target, Miranda Fugate.

“I’m deaf in one ear, I have a concussion, I have like blood behind my eardrum,” Fugate tells World Star Hip Hop, while adding that she wants a rematch.

Once the assailant turns 18, that is. In the meantime, she says she wants to take on another infamous online bully: Sharkeisha. Yes, we’re serious.

“I want to fight Sharkeisha so bad!” she says, proving that even victims of brutal assaults can’t help but fuel the online culture that immortalizes them.


Astonishing as it may seem, even a girl who got her DOME CRUSHED with a shovel and incurred potentially permanent injuries can’t help but bask in the glory.

She’s famous, everybody! SO WORTH IT!!!

Sharkeisha Video
Girl Hit with Shovel

It’s worth noting that Sharkeisha’s victim openly forgave her, and spoke out about the attack as a means of discouraging violence … not asking for a rematch.

Miranda, meanwhile, is just loving life.

So odd. VOTE: More vicious video …